French Fridays with Dorie


scallops with orange-caramel sauce

from around my french table by dorie greenspan

Thank goodness this was a quick recipe.  At first glance, you would think that scallops and caramel sauce would not go very well together (understatement city).  If you keep at it, though, you find that this is a very nice, light pairing that really highlights the sweetness of the scallops.  I had a bottle of red open, so substituted it for the white wine in the sauce, but I don’t think it changed the recipe too much.  I can’t help thinking that this sauce would be really great with pork, and I would probably omit the zest the next time around.  All in all, a pleasant surprise.  Yay!

To see what others are doing with this dish, go to


beggar’s linguine

from around my french kitchen by dorie greenspan

I have to be honest.  I wasn’t too excited about making this recipe.  I don’t really like raisins, I find orange zest to be a bit cloying, and I just couldn’t see how fruit, nuts, pasta, and cheese would all go together.

Brown butter, that’s how.  If you have any doubts about this recipe, put them in a box and set that box aside as you make it just once.  There’s something very satisfying about the nutty brown butter, tiny bits of sweet raisin, and the dusting of chopped nuts and parmesan that really hits the spot. 

It doesn’t smell like much, but it packs quite a wallop when you take the first surprising bite.  To see what others are doing with this recipe, go to and bon appetit!


pancetta green beans

from around my french kitchen by dorie greenspan

This week’s dish was blessedly quick and easy–fresh green beans sauteed in frizzled (I love that word) pancetta and just a smattering of other ingredients.  The final product was lovely… it was just the two of us for dinner, and I found myself eating the beans with my fingers, like asparagus. 

A couple of the green beans were a little past their prime, but Charlie was more than happy to make short work of them.  Bon appetit mon petit chien!


basque potato tortilla

p. 142 of around my french table by Dorie Greenspan

This simple dish was really fun to make.  I followed the bonne idee and added a small handful of center cut bacon for an extra oomph.  My pan was too big, so I ended up with a larger, flatter final product.  The flavors were fantastic though–the potatoes were sweet, the eggs creamy, and the bacon was smoky and tender.  Try this!


Catching up with Hachis Parmentier

p. 258 of around my french table by Dorie Greenspan

Somehow, I had all of the ingredients for this super-simple, very satisfying French shepherd’s pie.  Just the ticket on a cold night!  My version combined a number of the variations suggested in the cookbook and by other contributors: bacon lardons instead of sausage, leftover roast beef, and a mixture of Comte and Asiago.  Delish!


I just joined French Fridays with Dorie and can’t wait to get cooking–yay! 


31 Responses to “French Fridays with Dorie”

  1. It looks so creamy and I bet it was so good with the bacon. Your hachis parmentier looks great too.

  2. Im glad you liked looks very good and the Shepherd’s pie looks great too! These are both wonderful dishes for a cold winters night!

  3. Perfect tortilla! I bet it was wonderful with the bacon~

  4. Welcome aboard! Those were some good potatoes!

  5. I’m sure you’ll love FFwD, I’m fairly new and found it to be a very welcoming group!

  6. Welcome to FFwD! Your tortilla looks great.

  7. Sorry you have not been feeling well, but a great day to get some posting done. Your tortilla came out great…mine stuck to the pan and did not exit well, but it was very tasty. Good job!

  8. Looks totally yummy no matter what size it is! I’d certainly eat it!

  9. Thanks for commenting. FFwD should be lots of fun and challenging but that’s what I need in the kitchen because it’s much too easy do to the same thing over and over. Your tortilla looks yummy. We had bacon too but on the side.
    Happy cooking.

  10. What a lucky dog to get paws on these green beans!

  11. The beans were a huge hit around our house as well. Your dog is absolutely precious ! We have black pug and a Westie…and they are at my feet as I work all the FF recipes. One day they will officially trip me and end up with an entire pan 🙂

  12. Beautiful green beans and I am so in love with your pup!

  13. What an adorable dog!! My cat was meowing at my feet while I was frying the pancetta so this recipe is definitely loved by both animals and humans!

  14. Your green beans look great! We all loved them here too!!

  15. I still need to make the hachis parmentier. Yours looks good. My little dog likes green beans too:)

  16. Welcome to FFwD! Everything looks great – glad you’re cooking along! 🙂

  17. Charlie is too cute with his green beans 🙂

    Glad you enjoyed the pasta, too!

  18. All your recipes look great! Glad you enjoyed the pasta!!

  19. Glad you were able to make the pasta work for you! It was definitley a little off-putting at first glance – but, oh how good in the end!

  20. I will follow your lead and cook the green beans which I missed, along with the linguine. Look for my report in a couple of days.

  21. Your dishes, especially the scallops, look amazing! I’m glad I clicked on this site so I can add it to my Google Reader. For some reason, my Reader isn’t updating your “ABentoADay” posts.

  22. Your caramel sauce looks like it came out perfect…beautiful color. I agree, it would be good on pork and I think chicken too!

  23. I need to try the red wine variation for the caramel sauce… almost a play on my sangria recipe!

  24. I agree with the others about the color of the sauce – it is beautiful with the red wine. And I do believe you’re about the pork – it would be lovely.

  25. This sauce was great on chicken – I am sure it would be a hit on pork as well…

  26. Oh wow you’re really catching up on all the previous recipes! They look great!

  27. Great job with all of these recipes. My favorites were the Beggar’s Linguine and the Pancetta Grean Beans. I know I will use these recipes over and over again.

  28. These scallops were so easy and good and we all loved the sauce. I think I will make the sauce to pair with other meats…and everyone here was dipping or swirling everything they could find in the sauce. I’ll be making this one again soon.

  29. I like the deep colour of your sauce against the scallops, looks great! Great idea about the pork!

  30. Wow- I never thought about the pork. Awesome idea. We have tenderloin alot and this would be a fancy delivery which is secretly pretty easy. Plus I would get to use my juicer attachment again 🙂 I chuckled when I read your baking blog. I am so trying that pound cake with strawberries ! I was chuckling because of your disclaimer about not working for Williams Sonoma…when I got out of college and took my first (boring….) accounting job…I worked evenings at Williams Sonoma. With a hefty employee discount I amassed quite an inventory of gadgets and wonderful memories of the co-workers who knew how to cook and made me special treats to snack on when I came in after my day job. Great memories !

  31. Love your roundup – you caught the essence of each dish really well. I also can’t wait to try the caramel-orange sauce with pork – that’s a wonderful idea.

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