week 8: strawberry pound cake

I promise, I don’t work for Williams-Sonoma.  I re-visited the pound cake recipe for a friend at work, but adapted the recipe to make it strawberry pound cake instead of mango.

A couple of things were different about this version: I subbed 1 cup of chopped fresh strawberries, macerated in 1 tbsp powdered sugar and 2 tbsp heavy whipping cream, for the mango. 

I mixed the batter less, and that resulted in a lighter cake.  It’s still a bit on the dense side though, so I served it with whipped cream and sliced fresh strawberries.  It was a big hit, even without the glaze, but next time, I will probably add even more strawberries and bake it 55 minutes–60 minutes made for a pretty brown crust.


~ by slongcoat on March 16, 2011.

3 Responses to “week 8: strawberry pound cake”

  1. Oh, how I love pound cake…and topped with berries and whipped cream makes it even better! Beautiful plate of goodness!

  2. This looks delicious! So pretty too!

    I love macerated strawberries.

  3. Strawberry pound cake! Now that’s something I can get on board with! Looks delish!

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